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"(my personal favorite, and one of the best standalone scenes Allen’s ever shot) Juliette Lewis’s star pupil in the back of the taxi cab, trying to give constructive criticism to teacher Woody’s manuscript, only to be met with condescension, screeching self-defense, and insults. Wisely, Allen keeps the camera the entire time on Lewis’s face, which shifts from pliant to defiant to incredulous; Woody’s voice is the cruelest it’s ever been (a precursor to the self-flagellation of Deconstructing Harry), and by keeping it off-screen he enhances his character’s disconnectedness from both his own work as well as this young object of desire.” 

Essentially Woody: Husbands and Wives

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Katy Perry posted this cryptic tweet on the same day and even close to the time that Taylor released her new music video for Shake It Off. At that time, my friend suggested that Katy posted that tweet as a way of shading Taylor. I thought it was possible but kind of a reach. But now, I’m thinking it’s not such a reach anymore. 

A lot of people who I think will relate to this song are people who are like dealing with not ever really feeling cool with themselves because other people make them feel like they don’t fit in. When one thing I learned in this whole process is that you can get everything you want in life without ever feeling like you fit in. You know, selling millions of records doesn’t make me feel cool. Like, it makes me feel proud and like, i have a lot of people on my side and i’ve worked really hard. but you know, I don’t think it’s the most important thing in life to fit in. i think it’s the most important thing in life to dance to the beat of your own drum and to look like you’re having more fun than the people who look cool.

—Taylor Swift on ‘Shake It Off’ (x)